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Mulco Brand New Watch Display Box Collector Luxury Organizer

SKU: MW10-40700


Outer black leather with inside beige suede and black leather.
Briefcase to display 8 Watches.

Dimensions: 280mm x 110mm x 230mm.
Watch not included.
MULCO LEGACY: Inspired by fashion trends and progressive styles, our designing team, along with watch technicians and our watch manufacturer contributed to create this elegant and sophisticated yet practical watch box. Combing state of the art materials at an affordable price.
GIVE THE GIFT OF TIME - Can you think of a gift that keeps giving more than something as useful and practical as a new briefcase to protect beloved watches? This Mulco luxury watch box will be one of the most appreciated gifts of the year! Let the countdown to gift opening begin after adding this Mulco especially designed watch box to your cart now!



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