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A constant evolution, endless movement, where each piece mesh with each other and together produce a great invention. The strength and vigor in a machine, give birth to the new collection, the Evol Lock.

With an aggressive and masculine design, this distinguished collection conquers even the most sober taste. Arranged in a 50 mm diameter case, this timepiece is your companion in this astonishing adventure.

The passion for speed, boundless desire for excitement, the tachymeter going to the fullest, make this design a lively masterpiece.

If you decide that the conservative is more the style you want, get lost in the solemn combination of stainless steel contrasted with black steel, which is achieved through a process of ionized of 72 hours to obtain an brilliant color, preventing fading or lose properties as time passes. But if you are risky and adventurous go for the red assemble.

We cannot stop mentioning that the adventure continues wherever you go, as this piece allows a water resistance of 100 meters or 10 ATM. His screw in crown is made to prevent moisture. With the Lock Evol you get to where you want and as far as your dearness allows you, nothing can stop you.

This is the feeling experienced by any gentleman when carrying a piece of this caliber, ennobled with suggestive details, full of intensity and sophistication. The silicone strap material is high resistance to both, temperature and stain. The case is made out of of stainless steel, which ensures that the consumer can make use of the Evol Lock, as the motor of inspiration for his unique adventure…


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