Our Designer

Fashion designer, businesswoman and artist, Jennifer Kamhazi Bloch is the inspiration behind every Mulco creation. Since an early age, she’s had an acute eye for design and originality. Never satisfied with things as they were, she would transform her surroundings to express the artistic vision through which she saw the world. This carried on into her adult life as she continued to develop her talent studying art, graphic design and fashion design.

Inspired by her father who has 40+ years of experience in the watch industry managing and distributing multiple watch brands, she started getting involved at the age of 16 and learned every detail about watch making.

Jennifer soon noticed that the watch industry was in need of a change. While the fashion industry was blooming, the watch industry remained flat with neither new innovation nor technology. Aiming to fill this gap, she started creating stunning collections that were vanguard and in line with high-fashion trends. This was the first time in the history of the watch industry that a brand was able to speak the luxury and high-fashion language offering timepieces with superior Swiss quality while also adding a unique product proposition: daring, sophisticated and magnificent.

She continues to spread her passion for fashion through everything she touches from watches and eyewear to perfume and pens, giving all those of the Mulco community a timepiece that is intended to magnify personality and lifestyle.

As a mother of three and philanthropist, Jennifer continues to cultivate and diversify her creative talent. This constant evolution further enriches her sense of innovation and, therefore, she is able to provide Mulco with the best of herself.

Mulco’s core values and creativity are a true reflection of her vision as an entrepreneur and leader in the market.

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